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Welcome to Gusto - Higher Education Institute
About us
Gusto is the premier Higher Education Institute that was established in 2006. As a leading IT/Computing Institute in Myanmar, we have already trained more than 5,000 IT Professionals and most of them are now serving at high managerial and technical positions in renowned local and overseas companies.
Our prime aim is to produce well-rounded graduates who are globally employable. Subject knowledge and related skills alone are not sufficient to succeed in a work place. Emotional competencies such as self-control, empathy, teamwork, self-confidence and achievement orientation are equally important. The learning experience at Gusto ensures development of such competencies in students.
We are first and foremost a student-centered institution that dedicates its talents and resources to student welfare. Our culture is to guide the students all the way to achieve their full potential. Our philosophy is to provide the students with quality learning experiences that help them to explore and unravel the future. Our style is to work in partnership with students and parents to ensure that the students eventually succeed in career and life.

Our Vision
Gusto aspires to be the first choice Institute for Higher Education in Myanmar.
Our Mission
To deliver world class services that develop the potential of an individual to the maximum
To promote IT learning in Myanmar.
To offers undergraduate, graduate and professional students the knowledge and skills needed to succeed as persons and professionals, and the values and sensitivity necessary to be men and women for others.
To continuously improve people, process and service

Core Value
We believe in adhering to high ethical principles; being trustworthy and responsible. Our actions must consistently demonstrate a high level of integrity that earn the trust of those with whom we work and serve.
Customers and the others members of Gusto are the reason we are in business. We will treat each with respect and dignity.
Every Gusto members' hard work and dedication is vital to our success.

We believe in coming through for others, filling in where needed, and promoting the welfare of our fellow employees and our customers. We can expect and are expected to demonstrate a collaborative approach in the way we work.

Continuous Innovation and Improvements

We must be vigilant/ cautious in utilizing and managing our resources and continuously improving our expertise and processes to maintain efficiency and the highest quality services in our industry.